Leonardo STEP – Straw Bale Building Training for European Professionals

Written by Sissy Hein

With Leonardo fundings of the EU 9 countries worked together over 6 years to develop a European training STEP (Straw bale building Training for European Professionals).

The results and many documents have been published on the website http://www.strawleonardo.eu

All together following countries have been involved in the development of this training project:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kindom

About the author

Sissy Hein

Since 2004 Sissy is member of the board of FASBA, Germany and partner in the Leonardo-project "STEP" (Strawbale Training for European Professionals) and of the Erasmus project "BuildStraw Pro" (a project to get formal national recognition of the training).