Straw Bale Building Training in Sweden at Ecotopia

Written by esba

A course for self-builders and professionals

Date:   6-9 June 2024

Are you thinking about building a straw bale house? Or do you want to influence your industry towards more sustainable and non-toxic construction in the future? Is it climate-smart and energy-saving that applies, perhaps straw bale houses also with clay as building material? This course is aimed at you who dream of or plan to build your own house. But also for those of you who work in the construction industry, perhaps as a carpenter or you draw up construction drawings and want to take a further step into sustainable construction.

Herbert Gruber, who held his first course at Ecotopia in 2012, is back! The same year that Ecotopia opened. In the meantime, he has built up a knowledge center for straw and natural house construction that works both digitally and physically. The center’s team with partners in Architecture – Construction – Plumbing – Energy covers the entire construction planning and process including training and workshops on construction sites around Europe. Here you see a self-build in process. So a builder can realize his dream and be involved or a company in the construction industry can start building straw bale houses.

Theory is interspersed with practical sessions where you get to try different methods of straw bale building and mud plastering. Clay builder Markus Beskow, who has specialized in modern clay building techniques, presents clay and its building physical advantages from various sustainability perspectives. He holds two workshops and also introduces his clay spraying machine for plastering straw bales. Workshops that show the possibilities of the methods and what is important to take into account.

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The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.