How to add your straw bale house to the database

Written by esba

The database you see on the map was made by UP STRAW partners in 5 countries: FR, NL, DE, BE, This is the base of ESBA database, which will grow, as soon as our members in AT, CZ, ES, IT, PL, SK are ready with their database updates.

If you built or designed a straw bale house, which is not in our database, please add your straw bale house(s) manually into this ONLINE EXCEL FILE, which can be imported in our database.

Please understand, that this is a process, which needs to be checked and translated by ESBA members and therefore needs a little time. Please mind also copyrights (e.g. for pictures) and fill the data as complete as possible. Projects without a photo cannot be imported. If there is no photo of your project online, send us your photo with the title of the house to this EMAIL

The minimum requirements are the orange fields which are obligatory, if you fill it with crap, we have to delete the complete data. On the other hand, we are really thankful for any kind of help to complete this database, so your entry is really welcome.

PS: you need to enter latitude and longitude for your project to be presented in the map. Here you can find the geo-coordinates of your address (external site): (please copy-paste).

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The European Straw Building Association is an independent European association, devoid of any profit making motive. The object of the Association is to promote and develop the use of straw, as a sustainable way of building in all the senses of the term “sustainable”: renewable, ecological, healthy, energy and climate efficient, social and economic.
The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.