STEP Finals: Certified Straw Bale Builders 2017-2021

Written by esba

The ESBA “Certified Straw Bale Builders” made their final assessments in Austria, after 8 month of a more or less intense STEP – Straw Bale Training for European Professionals:


Certified Straw Bale Builders, who still work with straw bales:

Albert Farell, ES:
Andrea Aspesi, IT:
Christopher Acevedo Avila, Chile:
Herro de Roest, NL:
Jakub Jirku, CZ:
Jutta Wörtl Gössler, AT:
Karsten Barth, DE/PT:
Lisandro Moran, AR/AT:
Jurica Kos, SL/AT:,
Martin Burlund, DK:
Mike Deveria, NL:
Mischa Mussler, DE:
Paul Pichler, AT:
Przemek Raj, PL:
Ruben Solsona Battle, ES:
Uli Machold, AT:
Viktor Gach, CZ:

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The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.