Erasmus+ Project STEP

Written by Sissy Hein

Partners from Austria, France, Germany and Slowakia are working here together:


BIWENA (DE), Rasmus Grohe, Dittmar Hecken, Sissy Hein (FASBA)
ArTUR (SK), Zuzana Kierulfova
ASBN (AT), Herbert Gruber
CNCP (FR), Dirk Eberhard, Manas Melliwa

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The complete 400 h STEP-Training with Certificate is offered in Austria 2017:

This Erasmus+ project BuildStrawPro aims to get national recognition for Professional Strawbale Building Training, as it has been developed in the Leonardo project STEP.

About the author

Sissy Hein

Since 2004 Sissy is member of the board of FASBA, Germany and partner in the Leonardo-project "STEP" (Strawbale Training for European Professionals) and of the Erasmus project "BuildStraw Pro" (a project to get formal national recognition of the training).