ESBG – European Straw Bale Gatherings 1999-2021

Written by Sissy Hein

In 2021 the ESBG was a united effort of 9 organisations in whole Europe, presented by Herbert Gruber/ESBA
All presentations are online (program, YouTube channel)

In 2019 the ESBG was hosted by UK and organized by SBUK and the School of Architecture

In 2017 the ESBG 2017 was hosted in Italy close to Venice by Promopaglia.

In 2015 a ESBG took place close to Paris in the town of Montargis, where the oldest house built with straw bales, the Maison Feuilette is located. Here is the program

You will find a lot of interesting documents and information on ESBG2015.EU

In 2013 the ESBG has been organised in Poland (ESBG in Lodz)
In 2012 the ESBG has been organised in Czech Republic (ESBG with Permalot)
In 2009 the ESBG has been organised in Belgium (ESBG with Casa Calida)
In 2007 the ESBG has been organised in Germany (ESBG with FASBA)
In 2002 the ESBG has been organised in Austria (ASBN with Global 2000 and Bauatelier Schmelz)

You will find more documents of previous ESBG under History of ESBG

About the author

Sissy Hein

Since 2004 Sissy is member of the board of FASBA, Germany and partner in the Leonardo-project "STEP" (Strawbale Training for European Professionals) and of the Erasmus project "BuildStraw Pro" (a project to get formal national recognition of the training).