Straw bales – Comparative hygrothermal investigations / DE

Written by Jakub Jirku

An important topic in the planning of new buildings and redevelopment projects is the protection of heat and moisture. If this is carried out inadequately, there is a risk of moisture effects in the building materials, as a result of which the usability and durability are impaired. Research on the directly plastered straw ball construction is currently underway. The aim is to examine an exterior wall in combination with different plasters for their hygroscopic behavior and thus to evaluate their mold risk. The simulation program WUFI® is used for these examinations. For evaluations of the component superstructures, a safety in the quality of the simulation must be given against the real hygrothermal conditions in the component. For this purpose, simulations of the outer wall are compared with the real measurements, which are recorded using a measuring technique located in the component. The simulations are adjusted by changing the parameters and by changing the simulation settings. Within the scope of this Bachelor thesis, the described procedure is carried out by means of comparative investigations using the simulation program WUFI®. This validation is carried out by an existing building whose hygrothermal conditions are recorded using a measuring technique.

Author: Carolin Westermann

Date: März 2012



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