Testing of different plaster materials for straw bale buildings – Taha Ashour

Written by Jakub Jirku

mud_and_straw_bricks__egypt_by_fourthwall-d2xfuupEgypt is producing a huge quantity of straw and other by-products (28 million ton yearly), these materials are very dangerous on the environment if are not utilized properly. There are several problems in Egypt due to the burning of these materials which cause severe pollution (burning of 1 ton rice straw produce 56 kg CO., “Journal of California V. 75 p. 4, July 1991”). In addition the smoke causes lung cancer (environmental department of the Origon State, U.S.A).

Besides, the buildings at the upper Egypt and desert areas consume a lot of energy to be cooled during summer and for heating during the winter, so, these materials could be used as building materials which save energy because of its low thermal conductivity (it could be used as insulation materials).




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