Family house in Donja Bistra (First croatian straw bale house)

Family house in Donja Bistra (First croatian straw bale house)
Written by esba

Single family house made of wood and straw


Ort:Bistra Fertigstellung:2011 Bauweise:Infill straw bale - Wooden load bearing structure Entwurf & Planung:Marina Zajec, Zimmerer:Self-construction Lehm & Kalkputze:None Besichtigung:Nein Pressebilder:Nein
Wohnnutzfläche:280m2 U-Wert (Wand):W/m2K U-Wert (Dach):W/m2K Kategorien: Projects Croatia, Projects Europe,

House Zajec is designed as a home for a young family, in which the living rooms on the ground floor are oriented to the west, while the bedrooms are upstairs. The basement, designed as a space for relaxation, is made as a common reinforced concrete structure, and the ground floor and first floor as a wooden platform structure. The plot is mostly flat, located in the area of the Nature Park “Medvednica”, with a view to the west, which reaches far across the field. The wooden facade differs from the surrounding houses in its shape and choice of materials. The roof has an unusual shape, and thanks to the appropriate slope and materialization, there is no danger of accumulating snow and rain. Straw, as a highly insulating natural building material, was collected by baling in their own fields and in colaboration with the locals. This house made of wood and straw is a great example of thoughtful architecture, which is in harmony with the environment.

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