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ESBG 2021 – European Straw Building Gathering:

The whole ESBG program as a short video on YouTube

The program of the ESBG 2021

YouTube and ZOOM Recordings and Videos

Straw Bale Building News from UP STRAW, Jump! Training for Change, ACTeco and WELCOME of the ESBA board. News from Estonia, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland and a STRAW BALE SPECIAL with Architect Dirk Scharmer about Speicherbogen and other multi-family-houses made of straw bales.

17:00: UP STRAW Special on YouTube

ESBG 2021 Official Welcome

18:00: WELCOME with guests from UP STRAW: Stephanie, Barbara, …
19:00: Germany: BiWeNa on YouTube
19:45: Zuzana Kierulfova Q&A, ZOOM
20:30: Switzerland: SPP on YouTube
17:20: JUMP! Training for Change, YouTube

Program on YouTube

18:30: Estonia: EME on YouTube
19:15: Heinz Michael Fischer Q&A
20:00: Poland: OSBN on YouTube
20:45: Thomas Dimov Q&A on ZOOM
17:40: ACTeco Building on YouTube

Presentations: Straw Building Associations

18:45: Mikk Luht and Sven Aluste Q&A
19:30: Slovakia: ArTUR on YouTube
20:15: Wojciech Owczarzak Q&A, ZOOM
21:00: Arch Dirk Scharmer, Germany

The program of the ESBG: second day summer 2021

YouTube and ZOOM Recordings and Videos

Straw Bale Building News from Austria, France, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark and the Saturday Night Special with Architect Werner Schmidt about his latest (multi-family) straw bale buildings

18:00: Austria: ASBN on YouTube
18:45: Robert Yannig Q&A on ZOOM
19:30: Spain: RCP on YouTube
20:15: Phil Christopher Q&A on ZOOM
21:00: Atelier Werner Schmidt on YouTube
18:20: Herbert Gruber Q&A on ZOOM
19:00: Netherlands: SBN on YouTube
19:45: Rikki Nitzkin Q&A on ZOOM
20:30: Denmark: CFH on YouTube
21:30: Werner Schmidt Q&A on ZOOM
18:30: France: RFCP on YouTube
19:15: Wouter Klijn Q&A on ZOOM
20:00 (UK: 19:00): UK: SBUK on YouTube
20:45: Martin Burlund Q&A on ZOOM

The program of the ESBG: third day

YouTube Videos

Straw Bale and Earth Building News from our associate members Claytec, Ecococon, Lorenz, Modulina; we also present the STEP Online Training and our final discussion: THE FUTURE OF STRAW BALE BUILDING

20:00: Live-Discussion with Q&A on ZOOM: THE FUTURE OF STRAW BALE BUILDING

How it works:

Some of the Zoom-Sessions during ESBG 2021 will be uploaded in the next time. But you can already follow all the links above (just click on the picture) or you can watch the full program (all videos) on ESBA’s YouTube-Cannel: Link

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The European Straw Building Association is an independent European association, devoid of any profit making motive. The object of the Association is to promote and develop the use of straw, as a sustainable way of building in all the senses of the term “sustainable”: renewable, ecological, healthy, energy and climate efficient, social and economic.
The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.