Almere Oosterwold

Almere Oosterwold
Written by Wouter Klijn



Fertigstellung:2020 Bauweise:prebaf elements and laminated frames Entwurf & Planung:Davids Lehm & Kalkputze:client Besichtigung:Nein Pressebilder:Nein
Wohnnutzfläche:202m2 U-Wert (Wand):W/m2K U-Wert (Dach):W/m2K Kategorien: Projects Netherlands,

It is a detached house in the Almere Oosterwold area.
The hull is realized with several contractors. The intention is to realize the house as ecologically as possible for the lowest possible price. We succeeded in realizing the hull wind and water tight but excluding the installations for € 180,000.00 including VAT.
Like all houses in Oosterwold, the house is built on piles. Then we made a concrete slab as a foundation. There, on a plinth of lime-stone concrete, the prefab straw elements are placed in a unique arc shape. A large part of the roof and walls are realized with these panels.

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