Straw bale houses Switzerland

Written by Jakub Jirku

Schweiz Straw ball houses, a construction technology not widely used in Switzerland. The aim of the thesis “Strohballenhäuser Schweiz” is the dissemination of this construction technology in Switzerland. Through the detailed compilation of the already built and already planned objects will be an overview of the straw bale houses in Switzerland allowed. The work shows the historical development of the straw bale construction technique from the beginnings, as also the straw-balling history in Switzerland. With the treatise of the structural engineering and its properties is, among other things, based on the prejudices of the straw bale construction. By considering the standards applicable in Switzerland and directives will also make straw bale building feasible in the light of the necessarybuilding permits. By means of life cycle assessment the ecologicalimpact on the environment.The straw ball house in Glarus serves the ecological advantages and disadvantages. Looking at three more fundamentals will be a comparison between the respective ecological impact on the environment. This comparison is intended to be the basis for the decision for foundation selection of future objects. From the comparison of the total life cycle assessment of the Strohballenhaus Glarus with an existing balance sheet of a the potential of this building technology is to be determined. The two houses are with their combined total energy consumption (heating, hot water and ventilation) identical, the Passive House has been recognized for its very good energetic properties in year 2000 with the solar prize. During the research on and the compilation of all built straw bales, objects in Switzerland were the surprise large, end over 30 projects could be listed. Just surprising was the fact that the most straw bale builders, homeowners and architects involved in other projects in Switzerland and recognized.  Thus, the this provide also the possibility for networking of straw bale-makers in Switzerland.The results of the ecological balance of the straw ball house Glarus speak a clear language.The Strohballenhaus Glarus plays in the top league and can with the resultsof the Passauhaus Chräbsbach. Through the analysis of the foundation variants a developed after ecological criteria designed new foundation variant, which is presented in this work. On the reason for the results of the life cycle assessment has enabled further optimization potentials to be released which will be used in the future. By including a reference building the attempt was made to reduce the potential for reducing the environmental impacts by means of compare.

Author: Marcel, Gloor

Place and date: Möriken, 28.Nov. 2009



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