Modern Straw Bale Construction 2019-2021

Written by esba

This 40min video is a montage of the Zoom recording UP WHERE WE BELONG – modern straw bale construction in Europe by Herbert Gruber, asbn. He looks at interesting recent straw building projects in Austria, Germany and France, the finalists and winners of the FIBRA Award 2019 – the first world prize for contemporary architecture in plant fibres, as well as the UP STRAW demonstration projects 2019-2021 in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France (Interreg project North-West-Europe).

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The clips shown are from the following YouTube films and websites (in order of appearance):

Einfamilienhaus in Strohhybrid-Bauweise (Vienna) –
Wohnwelten: Das nachwachsende Eigenheim (Maria Anzbach, Qustria) –
Strohballen-Lego (Weimar, Germany) –…​ and
Strawalz: load bearing straw bale house (Weimar, Germany) –

Prefab Infill: Altes neu entdecken: Handarbeit, Arbeitspferde und natürliche Baustoffe | die nordstory / NDR-Doku (Speicherbogen Lüneburg, Germany) –
Bauvorhaben am Speicherbogen:…
Prefab Big Bale: Atelier Werner Schmidt: Überbauung Bombasei Areal (Schweiz) –…
Wrapping: Isolation thermique en bottes de paille (Paris) –

FIBRA AWARD the 50 finalists (World)…
Village hall La Boiserie in MAZAN (France) –…​ and
20190704 Trophées BDM – Salle culturelle la Boiserie Mazan –
Ecole élémentaire Les Boutours (France) –…
Siege du Cias, Montredon des Corbiéres (France) –…
Groupe scolaire Stéphane Hessel et les Zéfirottes (Montreuil, France) –
Centre périscolaire La Ruche (Tendon, Vosges, FR) – https://www.itinerairesdarchitecture….

UP STRAW: Bau mit Stroh – Die EU fördert das Bauen mit Stroh (Germany) –
Abbey Plankstetten (Bavaria, Germany) –…
Grundsteinlegung für das nachhaltige Haus St. Wunibald im Kloster Plankstetten:
Es geht voran: der Strohballenbau im Kloster Plankstetten (Germany):
Interreg project Hastings & Roomley (Hastings – UK; Roomley, Tilburg – Netherlands) –
First school in Belgium insulated with straw –…
Nouveau bâtiment du Cluster: on visite la maquette (Belgium) –…
UP STRAW Yearbook 2019 – Belgium –…
UP STRAW Yearbook 2019 – France –…
Emmanuel d’Alzon : La fabrication des murs (France) –​ and:…
Emmanuel d’Alzon : Un chantier éco-responsable –

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The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.