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Fertigstellung:2003-2006 Bauweise:non-load-bearing facade of stacked bales Entwurf & Planung:Orio Architecten Besichtigung:Nein Pressebilder:Nein
U-Wert (Wand):W/m2K U-Wert (Dach):W/m2K Kategorien: Projects Netherlands,

The studio is half-sunken in the garden with a sloping roof. As a result, there is little building to be seen from the private area and on the waterfront you have a 3.5 meter high facade that has been kept as transparent as possible in connection with sunlight and solar heat. The building clearly has 2 faces.
The studio was built with as many natural and recycled building materials as possible. For example, shells have been used for insulation and moisture regulation; forklift tires as an earthing fuse for that part that is in the ground; wooden beams from demolition site; straw bales with eart plaster as an outer wall and a sedum roof for the green appearance from the garden.
In addition, less natural materials have also been used to experience the difference. As a result, the studio is not a textbook example of how to build ecologically, but more an object of experience where the do’s and don’ts can be clearly demonstrated.

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