Lammas Ecovillage Community Centre

Written by Herbert Gruber

The community house with central fireplace.

Key data

City:PembrokeshireCompletion:2013Type of Construction:load-bearing constructionDesign/ArchitectureLamas FoundationStraw Builder:Simon Dale & workshopPossibility to visit:YesPress photos:Yes
Owner Builders Contribution:Workshops, Selbstbau
Residential acreage:200m2U-Value (Wall):W/m2KU-Value (Roof):W/m2KCategories:Projects UK,
More about this Straw Bale House

Das Gemeinschaftshaus mit zentralem Feuerplatz.

About the author

Herbert Gruber

Herbert is author of the book "Neues Bauen mit Stroh in Europa" (New Building with Straw in Europe), head of the austrian strawbale network ASBN and partner in the Leonardo-project "STEP" (Strawbale Training for European Professionals) and the Erasmus project "BuildStraw Pro" (a project to get formal national recognition of the training) and "Make your City Smart". As a collector he documents European straw bale buildings since 1999 on his website (database, german), in lectures, workshops and books.