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The 5th transnational meeting of JUMP! Training for Change took place in Ecocenter ArTUR in the small village of Hrubý Šúr, Slovakia November from 19th to 22nd, 2019. Things sped up significantly in the meantime and with the finish line in sight (the programme runs out officially in August 2020), we got right into it:

All 4 Modules
The working stage of the modules was presented by reduction groups. After many online individual meetings, pilots of the redaction groups for our 4 modules could meet, discuss, compare and adjust topics of their modules, re-think. The four parts of our training (mod1 Sustainability, mod 2 Change, mod 3 Assessment, mod 4 Cooperation) are beginning to take shape … well, on paper at least, but still evolving.

As an example: the first presentation showed, how much work has already been done – and how much more is still to cover. “It’s all about awareness” pretty much works as a tagline for JUMP! as well as connection and inclusion. But how to teach awareness? Is it a practice and therefore tools can be used to practice it? Is it built by working together and overcoming conflicts and cannot be taught at all? Can we seed it in our training, hoping it will grow afterwards? Is knowledge essential to become aware of things? And in the middle of this discussion somebody pops a simple question: How do we become fully alive? (So the Dalai Lama steps in and says: “Self-confidence built on an awareness of your own potential is vital to making yourself and others better.”) All in all, the 4 modules still need some time and work to reach perfection.

Session plans
One day was devoted to creating different session plans for all the units within four Modules. Working groups were working separately to be efficient and as a result we have many session plans we can test also during pilot courses.

The Newsletter/Report for Download

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