GESA Haus des Lernens – House of Learning

GESA Haus des Lernens – House of Learning
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Ort:St. Pölten Fertigstellung: Bauweise:CUT Construction, Hybrid Besichtigung:Nein Pressebilder:Nein
Eigenleistung:built with students
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Gesa built the House of Learning behind its headquarters at 36 Daniel Gran Street. An ecologically sustainable building that will serve as a place of employment and education for people in the region.

Why a House of Learning?

The continuing rise in unemployment not only poses an existential threat to more and more people, but often leads to a loss of daily structure, self-worth, fear of no longer being needed, social isolation and psychological problems such as depression. It is therefore more important than ever that socially integrative enterprises like Gesa increasingly offer meaningful temporary jobs and support to develop new perspectives.

Due to the construction of the new Traisen Bridge, Gesa unfortunately lost its education and learning workshop at Rennbahnstraße 4, so we are building a new House of Learning at Daniel Gran – Straße 36. The construction of this building is an innovation because 90% natural renewable building materials are used. In addition, unemployed people will be employed and qualified in the course of the construction, preference will be given to regionally based companies and socially and ecologically committed people will be invited to co-finance. These are important contributions to more jobs and ecological sustainability and an essential impulse for social cohesion in the region.

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