Building with light-clay / DE

Written by Jakub Jirku

At the beginning of the 1980s, a new interest in the environmentally friendly building material clay, which had proved its exemplary sustainability for centuries. The light-weight building in particular, where wood skeleton or facade walls are loosely insulated with clay and fiber, has particularly good physical properties and room-climate qualities. The fact that clay building today are nothing really exotic is due, among other things, to the many preliminary editions of this standard book. The 7th edition was revised and extended. Many practical tips, constructive simplifications and the use of clay finished building materials for a modern construction process are illustrated. New international project examples show the versatility of the building material. Self-construction projects should stimulate the discovery of the unique possibilities of this building material with their own hands. The book is aimed at builders, architects and engineers, manufacturers and craftsmen as well as self-builders.

Author: Franz Volhard

Published: 2013, Springer 


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