Use of straw with hemp-lime mortar in timber-frame walls

Written by esba

The goal of the research was the rational development of the housing techniques using so called renewable materials, susceptible to store the carbon dioxide and to offer valuable issues to the by-products of agricultural industry.

It aims at validation of two building modes using two of these materials, straw bales and hemp-lime mortar, as a filling for walls of individual houses with wood structure. A site experiment is foreseen on two similar individual houses representing each of these two techniques, that are to be built in the Jura.

The research program comprises a technical survey of the construction, site experiment of thermal behaviour of the houses and humidity within the walls, together as laboratory investigation on material characteristics and technical validation of these constructive modes.

The present volume 3 of the report gathers the results obtained from laboratory tests on straw material during the research and also describes the site instrumentation.

Author: Grelat, Alain


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