Residence with Load-bearing Big Bales, Weimar

Two-story semi-detached house made of load-bearing big bales.
Written by Dennis Harms

Two-story semi-detached house made of load-bearing big bales.

Key data

Province:ThüringenCity:Weimar/EhringsdorfCompletion:2008Type of Construction:Foundation: strip foundations with foam glass panels Floor construction: Planks/rammed clay on foam glass gravel Wall construction: Big bales 240x120x70cm, inside clay plaster, outside chalk plaster, Interior walls: wooden stand/clay brick, sand-chalk brick blankets: Wooden beam ceilings saddle roof (cold roof) Roof insulation: Straw as insulation on the floor Roof: rafters on middle and base purlin, clay tile coveringDesign/ArchitectureAlexandra Schenker-Primus, Sarah und Florian HoppePossibility to visit:NoPress photos:No
Owner Builders Contribution:hoch
Residential acreage:200m2U-Value (Wall):W/m2KU-Value (Roof):W/m2KCategories:Projects Germany,
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Der Rohbau des zweigeschossigen Doppelhauses aus lasttragenden Großballen wurde im Jahr 2017 fertiggestellt. Im Jahr 2018 wurde der Innenausbau weitestgehend fertiggestellt werden.

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