Professional Trainings for Ecologial Building 2018

Fachkraft 1. Block
Written by esba

The Bildungswerkstatt für nachhaltige Entwicklung e.V. (BiWeNa) is offering a series of interesting seminars and further education in the areas of straw and clay construction as well as lime.
Depending on your needs, the trainings are aimed at interested unskilled people, students, tradespeople, craft businesses, vocational school teachers and planners.

07.02.2018 – 08.02.2018 (language: German)
Air-lime (putty) plaster – unsurpassed in building biology and building physics

26.02.2018 – 17.05.2018 (language: German)
Further education “Specialist Straw Bale Construction / Fachkraft Strohballenbau (FASBA)” 2018

23.04.2018 – 27.04.2018 (language: German)
Introduction to straw construction – April 2018

13.08.2018 – 17.08.2018 (language: German)
Introduction to Earth Building – August 2018

27.08.2018 – 31.08.2018 (language: German)
Introduction to straw construction – August 2018


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The European Straw Building Association is an independent European association, devoid of any profit making motive. The object of the Association is to promote and develop the use of straw, as a sustainable way of building in all the senses of the term “sustainable”: renewable, ecological, healthy, energy and climate efficient, social and economic.
The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.