Innovative Nutzung von nachwachsenden Rohstoffen am Beispiel eines Büro- und Ausstellungsgebäudes

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Have a look at the English summary on page 8: The S-HOUSE demonstration building is a show case for modern best practise office and domestic buildings. The information centre for renewable resources which opens access to
sustainable technologies for a broad public and displays long-term measuring in a realistic user scenario. Modern architecture presents the variety of possible applications of building materials based on NAWAROs (renewable resources) and herewith promotes their dissemination.
An extensive monitoring concept provides realistic and exact data about the used constructions which constitute a basis for further optimisation and dissemination of building material made of renewable resources. The exhibition grants access to the developed solutions to all participant groups and interested private persons.Wimmer, R

Authors: Wimmer, R; Hohensinner, H; Drack, M; Kunze, C


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The European Straw Building Association is an independent European association, devoid of any profit making motive. The object of the Association is to promote and develop the use of straw, as a sustainable way of building in all the senses of the term “sustainable”: renewable, ecological, healthy, energy and climate efficient, social and economic.
The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.