EPD – Environmental product declaration for Straw as insulation material in UK

Written by esba

The purpose of this LCA is to compile environmental data of materials and products used in the built environment. So that the environmental data can be used in calculations of buildings and / or civil works or an LCA of the final product.
The purpose of this report is to draw up a review dossier for the product accordance with the EN15804:2012+A2:2019. This standard defines a standardized method for a LCA in Europe, of a product used in the build environment. The review dossier is also in accordance with ISO14040 and ISO14044, as well as with other requirements as mentioned in General Programme Instructions in the International EPD® System.
The target groups of this LCA study are users of EPD’s in accordance with the EN15804:2012+A2:2019, ISO14040 and ISO14044, such as B2B.

Author: School of Natural Building (SNaB)

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The Association is a federation composed of organisations and people particularly concerned with the use of straw in buildings.