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An increase in noise level affects people not only in industry but also in the living environment. The need for new
applications of addressing acoustic problems has been constantly growing. New or forgotten materials, which get the
necessary qualities while processing less, are investigated.

The effective treatment of waste is an important issue throughout the world, including Lithuania. Priority is given
to a reduction in waste generation or stuff necessary to be reused. Waste having no possibilities of being effectively applied under original characteristics is processed into secondary raw materials. The last option – energy recovery – should be used only for unrecyclable waste, since relevant energetic processes are not possible without byproducts – gaseous environmental pollutants.

Waste-free production is not yet possible, but a tendency towards the process of reusing waste in industry
is getting stronger. This is a solution not only to the problem of waste, but also to the conservation of resources.
Although the use of waste materials is still under development, it is a promising area of processing a wide range
of products. If waste is also natural material, the product becomes even more sustainable.

One of the potential merits of biobased products is the utilization of renewable resources instead of non-renewable
resources (Kim, Dale 2004). The variety of usage reduces the problem of waste deposition. In addition, natural features of such natural materials can be directly used without polluting production.

Straw could be one of the examples of potential natural material


  1. Saule Deveikyte
  2. Mazuolis Jurgis
  3. Petras Vaitiekunas

Link: http://search.proquest.com/openview/0c45dcbda962cc97d1224ea7e64550de/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=686354

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