Certified Passivehouse Component for Benediktinierabtei Plankstetten

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Manufacturer: Benediktinerabtei Plankstetten im Interreg-Projekt UP STRAW

Category: Construction 
Construction type: Light (Straw) 
Window: The certification was done with the timber window smartwin compact (1). In addition, the calculations were carried out for an oak window with triple glazing (2). 
Airtightness: The airtight layer of the walls is formed by the 3-layer clay plaster, in the 2nd layer of which a reinforcement fabric is incorporated. The connection to the windows is made by plasterable adhesive tapes. The airtight layer of the roof is a membrane that protrudes towards the walls and is plastered in. 

Illustration: The thermal insulation of the system consists of straw bales, which are lined with clay plaster on the inside and lime plaster on the outside. The bales are fitted into a timber construction (60/340), e = 1.0 m. The construction rests on a floor slab that is insulated with cellulose on the inside. The roof is also insulated with straw bales. A clay board closed off to the room, and a soft fibreboard closed to the outside. In addition, a variant with cellulose insulation was considered. 

Climate zones: Cool, temperate
Thermal bridges

Author: Passive House Institute

Link: https://bau-mit-stroh.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Waermebrueckentakalog-fuer-Strohballenhaeuser-2020.pdf

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