Den Ham

Written by Wouter Klijn

residential building

Key data

Completion:2009-2011Type of Construction:loadbearing straw vaultClient:privateDesign/ArchitectureBB-ConPossibility to visit:NoPress photos:No
Residential acreage:100m2U-Value (Wall):W/m2KU-Value (Roof):W/m2KCategories:Projects Netherlands,
More about this Straw Bale House

The construction consists of self-supporting straw bales placed in an arc. A temporary auxiliary structure was used during construction, which was subsequently removed. The end walls provide stability and the first floor rests on the straw bales. The choice was made to provide the last layer of earthplaster with a mixture of TerraBond and TerraSeal.
Between the straw and this finish is a Tyfec roofliner. This provides extra protection against moisture. In the event of a crack in the outer plaster layer, the water will not run into the straw.
Although this building could not be built in this way according to the rules of straw bale construction due to moisture problems in the straw bales, the owner nevertheless opted for this special construction method. Practice will show how the moisture content in the straw bales will hold.

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