Den Haag

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Key data

Completion:2010Type of Construction:lastdragende strobouwClient:Gezonden GrondenDesign/ArchitectureOrio architectenStraw Builder:Cai HobokenPossibility to visit:NoPress photos:No
Residential acreage:60m2U-Value (Wall):W/m2KU-Value (Roof):W/m2KCategories:Projects Netherlands,
More about this Straw Bale House

With his project ‘Edible Gardens’ (2009-2010), Nils Norman in The Hague (Stadsboerderij Zuiderpark) is investigating the possibilities of a bottom-up method of urban planning that is also sustainable and ecological. A straw-building pavilion will also be placed on the grounds of Stadsboerderij Zuiderpark, where it will serve as a place for information about “Edible Gardens” and permaculture in the coming years. The project is made possible financially by contributions from Fonds 1818 and the Municipality of The Hague in the context of Green Year 2009.
Based on the vision of Nils Norman, Michel Post of ORIO architects elaborated the design for the pavilion, which will be located in the garden in the Zuiderpark.
The construction has been built through workshops as much as possible. Using as many natural and environmentally friendly recycled materials as possible. The walls and roof are made of straw bales, the floor of tamped earth.

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