Certified Building Straw Bales from Austria

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What are construction straw bales?

Building straw bales are building and insulation material.

Straw is harvested along with the grain. At Sonnenklee, we check the straw for dryness, cleanliness and purity according to the highest quality standards. Only straw that meets the strict requirements of the building regulations (European Technical Assessment ETA-10/0032) is processed further. The straw stored indoors is first freed from dust and residual grain. The straw is pressed with a high density of 95 – 167 kg/m³, thus achieving the necessary fire behaviour, an excellent storage effect and the best protection against overheating in summer.

Straw is available regionally. As a by-product of agriculture, it has a very low energy requirement in production. So that the construction straw does not have to be transported hundreds of kilometres, we offer external certification of regional straw and, for large-scale projects, the use of the mobile construction straw plant.

The construction straw bales are produced in various sizes, specially adapted to your construction project. The insulation thicknesses are available from 260 – 1,200 mm.

Technical data at a glance

  • European technical assessment: ETA 10/0032
  • Ingredients: 100 % organic wheat straw
  • Density: 95 – 167 kg/m³
  • Nominal thermal conductivity λD: 0.046 or 0.082 W/(m.K) depending on installation position
  • Fire behaviour: Class E
  • Available insulation thicknesses: 260 – 1,200 mm
  • Bale sizes: 260 x 420 mm, 320 x 420 mm, 360 x 430 mm, 370 x 490 mm, 370 x 830 mm, 500 x 830 mm – in each case height x width of bale
  • The bale length is produced according to customer requirements and can be between 450 mm and 2,000 mm. Other formats and special productions on request!

Author: Sonnenklee

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