Bio-Based Materials for the Italian Construction Industry: Buildings as Carbon Sponges

Written by esba

This work brings together some recent research and results in activities aiming at investigating the environmental benefits of using bio-based materials for the construction and refurbishment of residential buildings. The positive environmental effects of wood and other biogenic materials replacing other, more important, conventional ones, analysed through the application of Life Cycle Assessment methods, are here reported. Moreover, the investigated strategies for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) are here discussed, to evaluate the potential of carbon uptake of fast-growing biogenic materials when used as insulation systems. The results show the effectiveness of bio-based materials in contributing to the mitigation strategies of the impacts due to climate change.


  1. Carcassi, Olga Beatrice
  2. De Angelis, Enrico
  3. Iannaccone, Giuliana
  4. Malighetti, Laura Elisabetta
  5. Masera, Gabriele
  6. Pittau, Francesco


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