An experimental investigation on the equilibrium moisture content of earth plaster with natural reinforcement fibres for straw bale buildings

Written by esba

This work focuses on the determination of equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of natural plaster materials for straw bale buildings. Earth plasters of four different compositions of cohesive soil and sand combined with reinforcement of three different natural fibre types, wheat straw, barley straw and wood shavings, were investigated. The plaster materials were treated under different temperatures (10–40 °C) and relative humidity (43–95%). The moisture content is in dynamic equilibrium with environmental conditions. The effect of relative humidity is more pronounced than temperature. The test results are discussed with reference to the relevance of the earth plasters as rendering for straw bale buildings. Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) model is used to fit the experimental data.

Authors: Ashour,Taha; Georg, Heiko; Wu, Wei


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