Public’s Day – Saturday

September 2nd

0800 – 0900: Breakfast [Dining hall]

0900 – 0930: Accreditation [Reception]

0930 – 1030: Rebuilding Ukraine Green [Strawberry House]

  • Ukraine’s potential to lead sustainable construction, addressing challenges, proposed initiatives, and urging active participation in the reconstruction process.
  • Kateryna Pylypchuk (Strategic Planning Business Development Advisor, Modulina, FIABCI-Ukraine)
  • Download/view presentation

1030 – 1200: Ukraine Green Workshop [Strawberry House]

  • Collaborate to promote green technologies in urban reconstruction.
  • Alissa Ban’kovska (Architect, CEO of Synchrospace, Modulina, FIABCI-Ukraine)

1030 – 1200: Country presentations [Mainstage]

1030 – 1200: STEP Workshop + Exhibition [Garden]

1200-1300: Lunch [Dining Hall]

1300 – 1330: Introduction to straw bale construction [Strawberry House]

  • Martin Burlund (trainer)

1330 – 1400: Co-constructing straw walls for your debt free house [Strawberry House]

1400 – 1430: Onsite training for straw bale construction [Strawberry House]

1500 – 1530: Tinyhouse [Strawberry House]

  • Steen Møller (Grobund movement) will talk about the journey from a single family straw bale house to building communities. He and other tinyhouse-projectmakers will give an update on the tiny house eco-village situation in Denmark

1530 – 1700: Open Space [Mainstage]

  • Open Space Technology empowers participants to shape the agenda, explore ideas, and contribute their expertise. Experience dynamic and self-organizing sessions where your personal passions set the course of the discussions. Together, we will delve into the forefront of sustainable building, exchange knowledge, and foster collaborative solutions. With the freedom to move between sessions and the opportunity to share your insights, these sessions promise to be an inspiring platform to collectively envision and shape the future of strawbale building. Be part of the conversation that drives change!
  • Rikki Nitzkin and Cypren Edmunds

1400 – 1700: STEP Workshop + Exhibition [Garden]
More information about STEP in the STEP/ESBA presentation

Ukraine reception [Garden]

1700 – 1800: Summary of Open Space [Mainstage]

1800 – 19:00: Dinner [Dining Hall]

1900: Social event

  • Live band and music