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About the place – Brenderup Højskole

Brenderup Højskole used to be a guesthouse for stagecoaches and fruit transportation before the rail line was built. Now the railline is discontinued, but you might end up sleeping in “the staples”, where some of our current accomodation is located.

Now Brenderup Højskole is a college for adult learning. We focus on sustainability, creativity and community. It started out as a school for peace education in 1986. Now it is a national driver for sustainable education dealing with sustainable gardening, housing and clothes making.

Everyone who visit us fall in love with our extraordinary buildings and beautiful garden.

Brenderup Højskole – How to get there

By car and bike:

By public transportation: Busses depart from Middelfart Station, but not as often as we like. That’s why we will strive to pick people up from the station outside of the scheduled times. Scheduled times are mornings and late afternoon. Timetables are not yet available from the bus company.

Brenderup Højskole
Stationsvej 54
5464 Brenderup, Middelfart

Closest airports: Billund, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg

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