Thank you for joining this pivotal bi-annual event for all invested in sustainable construction. Our key focus areas are/were:

  1. Future Trends: Explore cutting-edge advancements and projected evolution of straw bale building, from architectural designs to building methods and materials.
  2. Regulations & Standards: Delve into Europe’s existing building regulations and standards for straw bale construction, emphasizing the need for harmonization and advocating for their wider acceptance.
  3. Success Showcases: Hear firsthand from architects, builders and producers who have excelled in straw bale projects, sharing their valuable experiences and benefits.
  4. Networking & Collaboration: Seize the chance to connect with industry stakeholders, fostering partnerships, collaborations, and shared learning experiences.
  5. Public Perception: Strategize to enhance public awareness and acceptance of straw bale construction, developing a unified communication approach to dispel misconceptions and highlight its advantages.


Welcome To ESBG – Thursday

14:00-18:00: ESBA General Assembly with (re)elections of board-members [Strawberry House]
all members of ESBA and members of ESBA member-associations are welcome

The new ESBA Board: Herbert Gruber (secretary, ASBN), Mike Deveria, Cypren Edmunds (president, SBUK), Rikki Nitzkin (RCP), Charlotte Leuvard (RFCP)

18:00-19:00: Dinner (and Arrivals)

1900 – 2000: Country Presentations [Main Stage]

21:00: Evening Soirée


Professionals’ Day – Friday

September 1st

0800 – 0900: Breakfast [Dining Hall]

0900 – 0930: Accreditation [Reception]

0930 – 0945: Morning Assembly [Mainstage]

0945 – 1030:  Panel discussion Denmark [Mainstage]

  • Using Straw in the Danish Building sector to reach Climate Goals
  • The Danish Farming industry’s assessment of straw as a building material
    • Thomas Holst represents L&F (The Danish Agriculture and Food Council) and Dansk Halm (straw supplier association), download/view presentation
  • Using Straw to attain work satisfaction
  • Small Straw project with Huge impact
    • Peter Tegner Matz (Constructing Architect with Henning Larsen Architects, project manager for the Feldballe Friskole project), download/view presentation
  • Professional straw in Copenhagen
    • Kirstine Bendtsen (project developer at property developer AKF, and is involved in their focus on straw), download/view presentation

1030 – 1045: Break

1045 – 1130: Panel discussion France: Making 5000 straw bale constructions and counting [Mainstage]

  • A success story achieved through coordination, teamwork and collaboration. Hear how regional plans and action can help the national straw bale building sector.
  • Virginie Thomas (Project Manager of sustainable construction in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), Download/view presentation
  • Clément Galas (Architect and board member of RFCP, the French straw building network), Download/view presentation

1130 – 1200: A swimming pool wrapping project: Germany [Mainstage]

  • One of the biggest straw building projects in Germany in Oberhausen: 5 out of 7 public swimming pools in Oberhausen were wrapped with straw panels to save energy.
  • Justyna Tur (Lorenz Panels)
  • Download/view presentation

1200 – 1300: Lunch [Dining Hall]

1300 – 1345: Rebuilding Ukraine [Mainstage]

  • Synchronisation of sustainable forces for rebuilding Ukraine
  • Keynote Speaker: Alissa Ban’kovska (Architect) (Modulina)
  • Download/view presentation

1345 – 1415: Policy: Overview across Europe [Mainstage]

  • Diversification in different regions is commended, but why is there such a wide discrepancy in building policies among the European countries? What are the lessons learnt? And what can be done to bring about consistency for the continent?
  • Cypren Edmunds (Stakeholder engagement) (Strawbale UK)
  • Download/view presentation

1415 – 1445: Straw bale architecture in Madrid [Mainstage]

  • Presentation about the construction of arguably Spain’s largest public sector building: Day Center for Dependent People, Meliana, Valencia (Spain)
  • Shortlisted for ‘Spanish Architectural Association Architectural Awards 2023’.
  • Juan Manuel Herranz (Architect), (Board member of Red de Construcción con Paja)
  • Download/view presentation

1445 – 1500: Break

1500 – 16:30:  Prefab, Potential and Challenges [Mainstage]

  • Demand in the construction sector is developing at a very fast rate: more homes!
  • The response to this high degree of requirement in the built environment and the wider consideration of the planet is demonstrated here by these leaders of industry.
  • Bjorn Kierulf (Ecococon), Justyna Tur, Moritz Reichert (Lorenz), Laurinas (Modulina), Herbert Gruber (vivihouse)

1630 – 1715: Q&A with Presenters [Mainstage]

  • Energised by the day’s presentations and keen to ask that question, this is your opportunity to reflect and dig deeper with the Presenters.

1715 – 18:00: Meet the project makers [Mainstage]

  • Network with the ‘Professionals’ presenters

1800 – 1900: Dinner [Dining Hall]

1900 – 1930: History of strawbale construction [Mainstage]

  • For his Master thesis, Maciej Jagielak has located forgotten straw bale houses from the past and unearthed unheralded information of the sector’s pioneers. E.g. did you know that trailblazer Monsieur Feuilette not only built the world’s oldest wooden and straw building, Maison Feuilette, but also many other natural houses?
  • Maciej Jagielak (OSBN, ESBA board)
  • Download/view presentation

1930 – 2000: ESBA’s portfolio: From STEP to the Online Learning Platform ActECO to Straw Bale House database and (UPSTRAW) Research [Mainstage]

  • STEP – Straw Building Training for European Professionals is the main and most complete training for straw bale builders. Modules include: Infill & Prefab – post and beam constructions, Loadbearing Straw Bale, Wrapping (exterior insulation of existing buildings), Finishes (clay, lime, cladding), Building Physics, Structural Engineering and, Cost Calculation and Communication. Incl. plans for the future…
  • ActECO is the Online Learning Platform for Straw and Earth-Building with many free short courses (Level 1 and 2) and the complete STEP Training.
  • Straw Bale House Database – searchable by country (European map), technique, topic and tag: More than 2000 straw bale houses as inspiration and template for future projects
  • (UPSTRAW) Research: huge collection of research documents from building physics to fire resistance, moldfree construction, EPD, availability of straw and much more.
  • Herbert Gruber (ASBN, ESBA board), Rikki Nitzkin (Board member of Red de Construcción con Paja, ESBA board), Zuzana Kierulfova (President of ArTUR, ESBA board)
  • Download/view presentation

2010: Social event

  • Chat, music and fun by the campfire!


Public’s Day – Saturday

September 2nd

0800 – 0900: Breakfast [Dining hall]

0900 – 0930: Accreditation [Reception]

0930 – 1030: Rebuilding Ukraine Green [Strawberry House]

  • Ukraine’s potential to lead sustainable construction, addressing challenges, proposed initiatives, and urging active participation in the reconstruction process.
  • Kateryna Pylypchuk (Strategic Planning Business Development Advisor, Modulina, FIABCI-Ukraine)
  • Download/view presentation

1030 – 1200: Ukraine Green Workshop [Strawberry House]

  • Collaborate to promote green technologies in urban reconstruction.
  • Alissa Ban’kovska (Architect, CEO of Synchrospace, Modulina, FIABCI-Ukraine)

1030 – 1200: Country presentations [Mainstage]

1030 – 1200: STEP Workshop + Exhibition [Garden]

1200-1300: Lunch [Dining Hall]

1300 – 1330: Introduction to straw bale construction [Strawberry House]

  • Martin Burlund (trainer)

1330 – 1400: Co-constructing straw walls for your debt free house [Strawberry House]

1400 – 1430: Onsite training for straw bale construction [Strawberry House]

1500 – 1530: Tinyhouse [Strawberry House]

  • Steen Møller (Grobund movement) will talk about the journey from a single family straw bale house to building communities. He and other tinyhouse-projectmakers will give an update on the tiny house eco-village situation in Denmark

1530 – 1700: Open Space [Mainstage]

  • Open Space Technology empowers participants to shape the agenda, explore ideas, and contribute their expertise. Experience dynamic and self-organizing sessions where your personal passions set the course of the discussions. Together, we will delve into the forefront of sustainable building, exchange knowledge, and foster collaborative solutions. With the freedom to move between sessions and the opportunity to share your insights, these sessions promise to be an inspiring platform to collectively envision and shape the future of strawbale building. Be part of the conversation that drives change!
  • Rikki Nitzkin and Cypren Edmunds

1400 – 1700: STEP Workshop + Exhibition [Garden]
More information about STEP in the STEP/ESBA presentation

Ukraine reception [Garden]

1700 – 1800: Summary of Open Space [Mainstage]

1800 – 19:00: Dinner [Dining Hall]

1900: Social event

  • Live band and music


Out and about – Sunday

Bus tour to Friland’s Straw Bale Houses:

Leaving at 9:00 from Brenderup Folk High School, after breakfast.