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Speicherbogen Lüneburg

Environmentally friendly – healthy living – cross-generational

Excellent living climate in the Speicherbogen…

Our environmentally conscious and ecologically sustainable building was awarded the ‘Green House Number’ by the district of Lüneburg in summer 2019…

…and in autumn 2019 our project was awarded a Lower Saxony state prize as a ‘Future House‘! (It’s nice to hear that officially for once: “The project is exemplary for achieving the highest energy efficiency with sustainable building materials. The idea of the building community for an inner-city coexistence of all generations and life concepts is trend-setting.”)

And hard to believe: now we have also been awarded a prize at the federal level: The BMEL has awarded us the HolzbauPlus 2020 special prize for straw-insulated buildings! (“In ecologically sustainable, forward-looking construction, design and functionality are combined into architecture to meet the needs of privacy, community and public”).

The architects Stephan Seeger and Dirk Scharmer have translated these qualities into an innovative building concept that is unique for Lüneburg. “Am Speicherbogen” is currently being built as the first straw-insulated apartment building in Lüneburg.

An outstanding environmental balance is achieved through the use of materials (wood, loam, straw) that are predominantly obtained from renewable raw materials and convince a particularly healthy indoor climate.

For the financing, it is not insignificant that at least a KfW 55 house* will be built and thus corresponding subsidised loans from the federal government can be used.

In order to ensure the desired cross-generational composition of the project group, flats of different sizes between 70 – 180 square metres of living space will be created.

The price per square metre “Am Speicherbogen” will be between 2,750 € and 2,900 €, depending on the location of the flat in the project. The flats will be handed over in a “turnkey state of completion”. A communal room of approx. 70 sqm is already financed in the price mentioned.

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