Habitat groupé à Mont-Saint-Guibert

individual housing grouped

Key data

Province:Brabant wallonCity:Mont Saint GuibertCompletion:Type of Construction:Straw filling - non-carry Secondary framingPossibility to visit:NoPress photos:No
Residential acreage:170m2U-Value (Wall):W/m2KU-Value (Roof):W/m2KCategories:Straw Bale Houses in Belgium,

After searching for some time, building owners have finally found the ideal ground to host their cohousing project. It is located near Louvain-La-Neuve (one of their selection criteria), in the municipality of Mont-Saint-Guibert. The building space narrow and steep gradient generates the drawing of two houses forms relatively
tively complex, high and narrow.

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Hugues Delcourt